Assisted Purchase

Buying on www.italgresoutlet.it is very easy and comfortable:

Open www.italgresoutlet.it and look for the item you wish through:

  1. Products menu
  2. Incons on the homepage
  3. If already known, by entering your required product on “search in the catalogue”.


Besides, it is possible to select features like thickness and the format you are looking for, LATEST NEWS and PROMOTIONS, or search by COLOUR – FINISHING – EFFECT – AVAILABILITY – PRICE – CHOICE – BRAND. Once you have found your product, check its availability. If you think the product is suitable for your requirements, you can ask for samples(click here for more information on how to receive samples) ) or continue with the order, through three ways:

  1. Phone us
  2. By filling the form on the product page
  3. Send an e-mail info@italgresoutlet.it

(by specifying all the details: product and quantity, name, telephone and e-mail, address and province of the destination of the goods to calculate the shipping cost).
FOR ANY DOUBT OR SUGGESTION, PLEASE CALL (+39) 0722 88151 OR (+39) 0722 88624 OR SEND AN E-MAIL atinfo@italgresoutlet.it

From the moment we receive your request, it takes one working day to be processed. Within this day, you’ll receive a quotation about the materials you have required, transport expenses and all the information about PAYMENT – SHIPPING – UNLOADING.. The quotation will be valid for 2 days, during which the goods will be stopped in the required quantity (without any obligation). After this period, the customer will receive an e-mail, informing the goods are placed on sale again.

Once the customer has confirmed the quotation accepting all conditions and forwarding us all the required documents, the order is processed within two working days and delivery time is 3-4 working days. A Once the goods have reached the destination, check it and write down “ACCEPTED SUBJECT TO INSPECTION”. If differences and anomalies from the previously sent pictures are noticed, please write it down on the transport document.

Once the purchase is done, we would be pleased to receive your comments at  facebook.com/Italgresoutlet.it in order to know your opinion on our services and if you like, we would be happy if you liked to upload a picture of the final result of our product once it has been installed.

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