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Porcelain Stoneware Stairs

Discover our innovative solutions for porcelain stoneware stairs, a stylish and durable choice for your space. We are proud to offer customized options to cover your indoor stairs, merging aesthetics and functionality. With our high-quality tiles, 100% Made in Italy, we propose two distinctive solutions: the creation of stairs entirely in porcelain stoneware, for a modern and uniform look, or the covering with our exclusive thin porcelain stoneware, perfect for renewing your existing stairs without invasive interventions. Choose the resistance and elegance of Italgres porcelain stoneware to transform your stairs into a true focal point of your environment.

Porcelain Stoneware Stairs

Explore the versatility and quality of our Italgres Outlet porcelain stoneware stairs. With the ability to choose from a wide selection of tiles in our online catalog, we can offer tailor-made solutions that perfectly fit your requests. We create custom stairs, ensuring a final product that combines aesthetics and function.

Constrained Step

Our constrained step is an excellence in design, custom-made with high-quality rectified tiles and a maximum length of 120 cm. With a frontal rise and a bullnose of at least 3.5 cm, this step offers robustness and safety. The bullnose’s recess, also 3.5 cm, is a technical detail to consider in the design of the tread, ensuring the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. The frontal angular beveling is not just an aesthetic detail; it is designed to absorb shocks and reduce the risk in case of falls, ensuring greater safety.

L Element

Our L Element line is designed to blend style and practicality in your stairs. Made using our selected tiles, this solution is available with a maximum tread of 60 cm and a standard rise of 4.8 cm. Choose from the available variants:

  • L Element – Technical: for a clean and professional aesthetic.
  • L Element – Jolly: for a versatile and adaptable finish.
  • L Element – Owl’s Beak: for a touch of elegance and sophisticated design.
  • L Element – Costaretta: for a robust solution with a characteristic recessed edge.

Each variant is designed to meet specific design and functionality needs, ensuring a tailor-made and high-quality final result.

Wall Capping

Our wall capping is the ideal solution for finishing and protecting the upper parts of walls and parapets with style and functionality. Made with superior quality tiles selected from Italgres Outlet, it is available with a maximum tread of 6 cm and a standard rise of 4.8 cm. We offer two options to suit every design need:

  • Technical: a simple and modern profile that integrates harmoniously with the surrounding architecture.
  • Owl’s Beak: a refined choice that adds an elegant and distinctive detail to your environment.

Thin Porcelain Stoneware Stair Cladding

Let’s talk about one of the most complicated parts of any job: The cladding of an internal and external staircase and, in our case, achievable with thin porcelain stoneware tiles 3.5mm and 5mm. A new service by Italgres Outlet. And remember that we ship throughout Italy and always at the best online and offline price!

Today, with the presence of large format tiles up to 100×300 and 160×320 in the market, it is possible to cover internal and external stairs of houses using Porcelain Stoneware. A very resistant product perfect for these works, allowing us to create steps with unique pieces and without unsightly joints.

“Stairs Have Only One Secret, and It’s Precision”

Kerlite stairs or So-tiles product by Laminam are suitable for multiple uses, in both indoor and outdoor environments from classic building to furniture, widely used by interior designers for their current and modern look  choosing among many effects like wood-like, stone-like, marble-like, and glossy or matte finishes.

We propose these two types of laminate porcelain stoneware stairs: WITH ALUMINUM PROFILE and HALF BULLNOSE:

thin gres sottile laminam stair
thin gres sottile laminam stair

Why Choose Thin Porcelain Stoneware Stairs?

    • They can be easily cleaned using degreasers or diluted neutral detergents without altering the surface characteristics.

    • Resistant to organic and inorganic solvents, disinfectants, and detergents.

    • Extra Resistance

    • Scratch and deep abrasion resistant

    • Resistant to wear and aging

    • Significant aesthetic impact

    • Cover your old stairs without demolishing them thanks to the minimal thickness of 3mm and 5mm

Why Create Stairs in Kerlite with Italgres?

    • Maximum precision

    • Having materials ready for delivery, we can guarantee the realization of your stairs in a short time

How Much Does It Cost to Cover a Staircase in Porcelain Stoneware?

To receive a personalized quote, it’s very simple, you only need to visit our online catalog and choose one of the many products displayed which we can use to create your stairs and send along with the name of the selected product, along with the sketch of the stairs and measurements.

After that, you can fill out the form below or if you prefer, write directly to One of our operators will contact you in a very short time.

Indoor Stairs Made by Us:

white thin gres sottile stair white thin gres sottile stair white thin gres sottile stair