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Export of Italian Porcelain Stoneware Tiles

Opening Global Horizons: Italgres Outlet’s Export Service

Italgres is your gateway to a world of possibilities in the export of porcelain stoneware. With a perfect fusion of Italian craftsmanship and the most modern commercial practices, we offer an export service that exceeds all expectations. Through TilesXport, we elevate our service to a new level, providing complete and customized solutions for every international customer. Discover

A Complete Service for Every Need

Our approach to export is global and attentive to the specific requests of each market. From the first contact to delivery, our team is by your side to facilitate each step with expertise and precision. We understand that each market has its uniqueness, from style and design preferences to trade regulations. That’s why each export strategy is meticulously adapted to ensure not only compliance but also maximum cultural and commercial appreciation.

We provide detailed logistic planning, tackle customs challenges, and ensure that every aspect of exporting is clear and transparent. Our proactive communication and responsiveness are the foundation on which we build long-lasting relationships with our clients. With our experience in export, navigating through bureaucratic complexities becomes a manageable experience, allowing you to focus on what’s essential – your business.

Our goal is to transform the export process into a competitive advantage for your company, opening doors to new opportunities in unexplored markets. Italgres Outlet and TilesXport are synonymous with excellence in export of Porcelain Tiles, offering not just quality products but also a reliable and strategic partnership for the global success of your business.

Expert Consultation and Personalized Support

We don’t limit our support to just sales. We offer personalized consulting to identify the products that best suit your needs, advising you on the most strategic choices for your business. This means that each customer benefits from a guided and tailor-made path, based on an in-depth analysis of market trends, technical requirements, and aesthetic expectations. Our team of experts specializes in identifying solutions that improve not only the visual appeal of your projects but also their functionality and long-term sustainability. With Italgres and TilesXport, you gain a partner that looks beyond the transaction, committed to a vision of shared growth and mutual success.

Logistics and Shipping: A Reliable Network

We collaborate with trusted logistic partners to ensure efficient and secure shipments, offering customized solutions that adapt to different logistical needs, from small deliveries to full loads. Our advanced tracking system allows you to follow the journey of your products in real time, providing total transparency and the security you deserve. Our experience and extensive network of contacts allow us to quickly resolve any unforeseen issues, minimizing downtime and ensuring that your goods arrive at their destination as expected. With Italgres Outlet and TilesXport, every shipment is a commitment taken seriously and with dedication, because your peace of mind is our priority.

Export of Porcelain Stoneware Tiles

After the downturn in 2020, the global demand for ceramic tiles has started to grow again with promising forecasts. In anticipation of international expansion, we are looking for professionals and companies interested in exporting Italian Porcelain tiles abroad.

We are suppliers of major brands, leaders of Made in Italy for many years. Brands that, with their technological innovations, have become a guarantee of quality in the field of porcelain stoneware flooring and coverings.

Why Porcelain Stoneware?

According to the latest estimates, the construction sector will grow by 3.8% in 2021. This is considered a bounce-back after the 5.1% drop recorded in 2020. However, the sector is euphoric and looks to the future with optimism.

Among the materials that are having the most sales success is porcelain stoneware. Indeed, it is a very versatile material that can be used both in residential and commercial settings, for interiors and exteriors, even in prestigious buildings.

Wood Effect Porcelain Stoneware

Join Our Community of Professionals

By becoming part of TilesXport, you will have access to an exclusive network that allows you to benefit from preferential conditions, privileged information, and opportunities for professional growth. You will enjoy an intuitive interface and tools designed to maximize your operational efficiency, accessing a curated catalog of porcelain stoneware products directly from Italy’s most renowned factories. Furthermore, as a member of TilesXport, you will be the first to learn about new products, take advantage of advantageous sampling, and participate in exclusive industry events, opening the door to strategic business relationships and international collaborations.

Start Collaborating with Us

If you are interested in marketing porcelain stoneware tiles outside Italy, we can provide a variety of slabs in different formats, textures, and colors. We are suppliers of the most prestigious brands in the sector, including:

Atlas Concorde, Ava Ceramiche, Blustyle, Cotto D’Este, Mutina, La Fabbrica, Lea Ceramiche, Kerlite, Laminam, Ragno Ceramiche, Slimtech, Abk Ceramiche e molti altri.