Choose ItalGres

Why you should choose Italgres ?

Best Brand
We only handle the best brands: Cotto d’Este, Blustyle, Kerlite, SoTiles, Lea Ceramiche in particular whose who have an excellent price- quality ratio.

Best Prices

our prices are out strength! We can offer the most competitive marketing prices. If you choose us you can save from  50 to 80 % compared to our competitors.You can choose from the best products to second rate products.

Quality, quality and choice we offer is the best!
For this reason, you can see our online catalogue!Moreover , you can come to visits in our showroom in Tivoli (Rome) or out warehouse in Sant’angelo in Vado (PU) to see our products and have an idea of what we offer!

All the products you can see in our website are in prompt delivery  and you can see price and quantity under every single products !
For the reason we are able to offer you a  imple and quick service!

Simplicity and Quickness
Quickness is our strength! We give many attention to delivery time.
We are organized to offer you a quick reply!Send us an e-mail and we will reply you in 1h.
About delivery times , when you have completed the verysimple purchasing procedure ( see assisted purchase),We can prepare the material in 2 working days and make you delivered it at home in 3-4 working days ( It depends on delivery address).

Professional and Expert staff
Our staff will provide you all informations you need about products you are interestedn, finding solutions suitable for your taste and budget!
Moreover, for foreign clients, we have expert staff in English language!

Customer service and Post-Sale service
Our aim is helping our costumers to find the product the need!
For that reason we offer our experience and ability to give you a custom-mad professional advice.
We have excellent post – sale service, that help all the customers to salve post-sale problems they can have.
Our aim is the costumer’s satisfaction and guarantee him an enjoyable purchasing experience.

Social media visibility
we are present at major social: Facebook, Linkedin, InstagramYoutube etc… With daily updating of our products, offers, and with info about our products.