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Porcelain Stoneware Outlet Pesaro

Ceramic Tile Store: Near Rimini, Ancona, Pesaro

Outlet Porcelain Tiles for Floor and Wall in the Pesaro Province

Italgres Sant’Angelo in Vado Outlet offers a wide assortment of porcelain stoneware floors and wall coverings, a vast exhibition of the latest industry innovations, and the most innovative solutions in the building sector. Moreover, within the Italgres showroom in Sant’Angelo in Vado, it is also possible to view and select all bathroom furnishings, sanitary ware, and accessories from the best brands.

Please note that the Sant’Angelo in Vado Showroom can be visited by appointment only, every day from Monday to Saturday. For appointments, contact +39 331 8114108 or send an email to

Italgres Outlet Sant’Angelo in Vado

Italgres is a company specializing in the sale of porcelain stoneware tiles, ideal for flooring and wall coverings in both residential and commercial environments. Our range includes thin and thick tiles, suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Furthermore, following a recent partnership, in addition to porcelain stoneware tiles and skirting boards, we also offer everything needed to complete bathroom installations. This includes a wide selection of sanitary ware, both whirlpool and standard bathtubs, bathroom furniture, shower trays and enclosures, taps, and accessories.

Our store is located in Sant’Angelo in Vado, in the province of Pesaro Urbino, not far from the two provincial capitals, as well as Ancona and Rimini.

Porcelain Stoneware Tile Store

In our Sant’Angelo in Vado showroom, we have a vast assortment of porcelain stoneware tiles in various sizes, thicknesses, and aesthetic effects.

Ultra-Thin Low Thickness Porcelain Stoneware

Ultra Thin Porcelain Tiles is the ideal solution for renovating a property. With thin slabs, it is possible to lay them over existing surfaces, thus avoiding demolition. This results in significant savings in time, economic resources, and also does not produce building waste, which is more complex to dispose of.

Thin Ultra Slim Porcelain Tiles are widely used for overlap an existing floors. The slabs can be easily placed on support modules and removed just as easily at any time.

Another popular solution for flooring in condominiums or for temporary floor installations is offered by Cotto d’Este with Kerlite Easy. The tiles are dry-laid on a sound-absorbing mat and then fixed with a sealing tape that acts as a joint. The advantages of this system include reduced noise from foot traffic and the ability to remove the tiles at any time without breaking them. Therefore, the tiles can be reused multiple times, making it an ideal solution for setting up trade show stands or temporary shops.

Not everyone knows that thin porcelain stoneware slabs can also be used outdoors, for example, for cladding building facades.

In the Sant’Angelo in Vado showroom, we have thin tiles with thicknesses ranging from 3 to 6 mm. Also available are large format slabs, ideal for creating continuous surfaces without joints, for covering kitchen tops, fireplaces, and numerous other applications.

Porcelain Stoneware Tiles: The Effects

As we have mentioned, Italgres offers a varied range and, in addition to tiles of different sizes and thicknesses, we also provide a selection of first-choice designs and finishes. Modern digital technologies can reproduce any natural material, almost indistinguishable from the original. The result is high-quality tiles with a high aesthetic yield, but with all the advantages of porcelain stoneware, starting with technical performance.

In our tile catalog, you can choose from the following stylistic proposals:

  • Wood Effect. Available in numerous species, colors, sizes, and finishes. Ideal in classic, modern, rustic environments.
  • Concrete Effect. Available in numerous colors, sizes, and finishes. Ideal in modern, urban-style environments, also suitable for rustic properties or beach houses in light and warm shades
  • Marble Effect: Elegant and refined, perfect with large format slabs in prestigious and classic settings.
  • Stone Effect: A solution widely used in both modern and classic contexts. A vast assortment of types and colors.
  • Terracotta Effect: A classic perfect for rustic-style homes, old farmhouses, and beach houses.
  • Metal Effect: Modern and alternative, perfect in urban contexts.
  • Resin Effect: Very popular for commercial premises.
  • Decorated Effect: Tiles that give a strong personality to the environment.
  • Solid Color Effect: Interesting in commercial contexts, but also appreciated in shabby chic environments.

Bathroom Furnishings Showroom

As mentioned, in addition to tiles, the Sant’Angelo in Vado Outlet also offers a wide assortment of sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, and accessories. Products from the best brands on the market, distinguished by design and material quality.

  • Sanitary Ware: The toilet and bidet pair is available in different styles: wall-mounted, suspended, and floor-standing.
  • Washbasins: Single or double, external suspended, countertop, or built-in.
  • Shower Enclosures: Available in various styles and sizes.
  • Hydro Multifunction: Shower cabins complete with hydro-massage systems.
  • Baths: External and built-in, also available with Hydro functionality.
  • Bathroom Furniture: Under-sink units, cabinets, etc.
  • Taps: A varied and quality choice that perfectly meets every style need.
  • Accessories: To complete the bathroom in every detail. Various models of soap dishes, towel holders, and more are available.
  • Porcelain Stoneware Shower Trays: With the Opulè brand, Italgres enters the world of furnishings clad in porcelain stoneware, with the possibility of complete customization, both in size and in the porcelain stoneware texture with which to clad the furniture element. Discover our Porcelain Stoneware Shower Trays.
Pesaro Outlet - Italgres Tile and Bathroom Furnishings Store

Italgres Tile and Bathroom Furnishings Store

Our expertise in the field has led us to create what is now the largest eCommerce specializing in quality porcelain stoneware. Our commercial policy focuses on the selection of exclusive products, made in Italy by the most prestigious companies in the sector.

Our suppliers include Cotto d’Este, Blustyle, Kerlite, SoTiles (produced in the LAMINAM plant), Lea Ceramiche, La Fabbrica, Mutina, Abk, Atlas Concorde and others. These are Made in Italy brands that we believe offer an optimal quality-price ratio.

To support online sales, we offer the opportunity to touch and feel the products in our catalog in person at our showroom in Sant’Angelo in Vado, located in an easily accessible area from all over the Marche region and neighboring regions.

The store has a spacious and new environment, designed to carefully evaluate the different solutions offered and to view the latest stylistic trends that the design market offers.

Did we mention that we have new arrivals every week?

Exclusive Services and Unparalleled Discounts

We offer custom cuts to measure or submultiples.

We have a shipping service that starts within 48 hours from the order. Alternatively, in-store pickup is available with ready-to-ship stock.

Many of our offers have outlet prices with discounts up to -70% off the list price.

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Showroom interno, lastre 100x300

And if you want to get organized and ask us for information:

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Don’t miss the chance to see the novelties in person!

Visit our showroom outlet of porcelain stoneware tiles and bathroom furnishings in Sant’Angelo in Vado, in the province of Pesaro Urbino, not far from Ancona and Rimini.

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