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Online sale of tiles for the highest quality floors and walls. Porcelain stoneware prices, offers and warehouse availability.

In our online tile outlet you can find the most prestigious brands in the sector. Including: Atlas Concorde, Cotto D’Este, Kerlite, Blustyle, Lea Ceramiche, Slimtech, Ava Ceramiche, La Fabbrica, So-Tiles.

We have indoor and outdoor coatings and floors, with different formats, finishes and effects.

Wood effect Tiles | Concrete Effect | Resin Effect | Marble Effect | Stone effect

All the proposals are available from lighter to darker shades, smooth or raised finishes, thin thicknesses and large, easy-to-install slabs. In fact, in addition to the most common formats, we have formats up to 100 × 300 cm, or 160 × 320 cm available. We are also specialists in the supply of thin stoneware, with thicknesses from 3mm to 5mm.

If you are looking for cheap online tiles and an online flooring outlet, on our store you can find a wide range of products, able to satisfy every type of design requirement.

Among the services offered by Italgres we mention customization and cutting to size. Or the submultiples formats sized according to your needs and adaptable to the space in which they will be inserted.

Online tile sales

Visit our online tile outlet, for each product you will find a very detailed data sheet on the features and applications, as well as availability in stock.

Furthermore, on our website you can find a complete assortment of solutions in stock. Porcelain stoneware prices with discounts up to -80% on the list price.

Online sale of porcelain stoneware tiles, ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms. As well as tiles for verandas, gardens and swimming pools.

Choose and buy coverings and floors online, available in stock in stock, your order will be delivered directly to your home. Italgres delivers throughout Italy and Europe.

Or, come and visit us in our outlets.

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100x300 5mm Glossy 1362 m²

 212,00-86%  29,50 + VAT

80x80 5mm Glossy Second choice

 212,00-89%  23,90 + VAT

80x80 5mm Glossy First choice 737.28 m²

 212,00-84%  33,90 + VAT

80x80 5mm Glossy First choice 727.04 m²

 212,00-84%  33,90 + VAT

80x80 5mm Glossy First choice 401.28 m²

 212,00-84%  33,90 + VAT

80x80 5mm Glossy First choice 23.68 m²

 212,00-84%  33,90 + VAT

45x90 20mm Naturale First choice 174.16 m²

 19,90 + VAT

75x150 9mm Lappata Second choice 70.87 m²

 23,90 + VAT

75x150 9mm Lappata Second choice 66.37 m²

 23,90 + VAT

75x150 9mm Lappata Second choice 225 m²

 23,90 + VAT

30x60 9mm Naturale First choice 292.32 m²

 16,90 + VAT

37.5×75 9mm Naturale Second choice 99 m²

 16,90 + VAT

37.5×75 9mm Naturale Second choice 55.13 m²

 16,90 + VAT