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Custom-Made Skirting Boards

Explore our exclusive range of customizable porcelain stoneware skirting boards, an ideal solution to add a touch of elegance and functionality to your spaces.

At the heart of our custom service is the ability to select any tile from our assortment and transform it into coordinated skirting boards. This means that you can perfectly match the skirting boards to your floor, creating a harmonious and continuous visual effect. With our expertise, we turn your choice into a tangible reality, cutting and finishing the porcelain stoneware tiles to create skirting boards that are the natural extension of your floor. Personalization and precision come together to ensure a result that exceeds expectations.

Custom-Made Porcelain Stoneware Skirting Boards

Our range of porcelain stoneware skirting boards is designed to adapt to different style and functionality needs. You can choose thicknesses ranging from the thin 3mm to the more robust 14mm, with the freedom to select the height that best fits your space, available from a minimum of 6cm to a maximum of 9cm. Whether it’s for a contemporary or traditional setting, our skirting boards perfectly match your floor, ensuring an impeccably aesthetic result and long-lasting protection.

In our online catalog, you can find all the tiles to create your skirting board. Discover Catalog

Advantages of Custom-Made Skirting Boards

  • Adaptability: Perfectly calibrated to fit the dimensions and style of your environment.
  • Durability: The resistance of porcelain stoneware guarantees longevity and ease of maintenance.
  • Aesthetics: A wide choice of finishes to complete the look of your space with elegance.

Why Choose Custom Skirting Boards?

Custom-made skirting boards offer a personalized solution that reflects your unique taste and integrates seamlessly with the architecture of your home. The possibility to choose between different heights, from 6cm to 9cm, and finishes, both with and without a beak, allows you to find the ideal solution for every need.

Your Style, Our Quality

At Italgres, quality meets personalization. Choose the superior quality of porcelain stoneware for your skirting boards and ensure a detail that makes the difference.

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