Our Manufacturing

Our Manufacturing

Below you can find pur manufacturing we can execute for you, through application:

Skirting board
Skirting board with all our products in Gres or Kerlite

Gres Skirting board
Heights 7,1-8-9,5cm (See price)(Bring you to skirting board category)

Kerlite skirting board
You can choose the height you prefer (See price)(Bring you to skirting board category)

Costaretta step
we can realize it with pur tiles only with straightened material!
The maximum length is 120cm. The frontal riser and the torus must have a minimum hight of 3.5cm.The torus moves back 3,5 cm under the tile! Please , remember it when you will calculate the depth go the footmark !
The junction frontal anglehave a chamfered surface in order to give more consistency to possible crash and less dangerousness to possible accidental falls.

L-shaped elements
we can realize it with our tiles!Maximum footmark : 60cm, standard riser 4.8 cm

L-shaped elements- Technical
L-shaped elements – Jolly
L-shaped elements – Coquette’s hooked baek
L-shaped elements – Costaretta

This photo shows a ‘Coquette’s hooked beak

Wall cover:
we can realize it with our tiles! Maximum footmark 6 cm, standard riser 4,8cm

coquette’s hooked beak