Stone Effect Porcelain Stoneware prices and offers

Natural stone effect porcelain stoneware for floors and walls, ideal for giving rooms a strong character with a strong visual impact.

Stone effect stoneware products are available in our stores with a smooth or embossed finish, with geometric decorations or abstract textures.

Italgres offer is made up of the most authoritative brands in the sector, including Kerlite, Cotto D’Este, Atlas Concorde, La Fabbrica, Slimtech, and several others. A selection of leading Italian companies in the production of high-end stone effect tiles.

Stone effect tiles

Our stone effect stoneware catalog features a rich assortment of indoor and outdoor wall coverings. Among which:

  • BlackSea. Elegant Cotto D’este black stone effect, in 75 × 75 cm slabs and 14 mm thick.
  • Amande Buxy. Thin Kerlite beige stone effect tiles, in slabs of 50×100 cm and 3.5 mm thick.
  • Bourgogne Sand. Outdoor tiles produced by Atlas Concorde, in 45×90 cm and 20 mm thick slabs.
  • Basaltina. Refined gray stone effect, produced by Slimtech, in slabs of different sizes and thicknesses.
  • Deep Gray Blue. Elegant indoor coating, with dark gray stone effect, produced by La Fabbrica. Available in 30×30 cm slabs and 10 mm thick.

For the complete offer browse our online catalog, you will find numerous solutions of stone effect porcelain stoneware outlet prices, with discounts up to -80% in stock.

Choose the ideal solution for your project and place the order online, you can receive the products directly at home. Or, come and visit us in our outlets.

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60x60 14mm Sablè Second choice 132.84 m²

 14,90 + VAT

75x75 14mm Sablè Second choice 187.11 m²

 17,50 + VAT

60x60 14mm Natural Second choice 147.96 m²

 13,90 + VAT

60x60 14mm Lux Second choice 155.52 m²

 13,90 + VAT

75x75 20mm Natural Second choice 51.18 m²

 19,90 + VAT

Second choice 33.48 m²

 13,90 + VAT

60x60 14mm Natural Second choice 222.48 m²

 13,90 + VAT

Natural First choice 91.88 m²

 26,50 + VAT

100x300 3.5mm Natural First choice 112 m²

 24,90 + VAT

60x60 10mm Grip Second choice 113.76 m²

 79,00-79%  16,90 + VAT

60x60 14mm Lux Second choice 73.44 m²

 13,90 + VAT

90x90 20mm Grip Second choice 97.2 m²

 79,00-75%  19,90 + VAT

90x90 20mm Grip Second choice 85.05 m²

 79,00-75%  19,90 + VAT