Concrete effect porcelain stoneware prices and offers

The concrete effect porcelain stoneware wall tiles are the ideal solution for environments with a contemporary character, strongly oriented towards minimal style. It is a material that adapts perfectly to large surfaces such as industrial style lofts, but also in environments with strong modern underlines.

Cement-effect porcelain stoneware is obtained from highly technological production processes and careful selection of materials. The result is a product of the highest quality, resistant, simple to apply and maintain.

Thanks to digital technology it is possible to obtain different types of decoration and surface finishing.

Concrete effect tiles

Our porcelain stoneware catalog offers a complete range of wall tiles with a concrete effect, in the most varied nuances and sizes.

  • Pearl gray concrete. In sheets of 120×120 cm and 9 mm thick.
  • Black concrete effect. In sheets of 60×60 cm and 10 mm thick.
  • White concrete. In sheets of 90×90 cm and 11 mm thick.
  • Ivory concrete effect. In sheets of 90×90 cm and 14 mm thick.
  • Beige concrete. In sheets of 60×60 cm and 14 mm thick.

And numerous other natural concrete-effect cladding and flooring solutions, which you can browse in our online store.

Italgres offer is represented by the most prestigious brands in the sector, including Atlas Concorde, Blustyle, Cotto D’Este, La Fabbrica, Kerlite, Slimtech, and many others. These are leading Italian companies in the production of high-end concrete effect coatings.

Visit our online catalog, you will find numerous concrete-effect cladding and flooring solutions.

Concrete effect porcelain stoneware outlet prices, with discounts up to -80% available in stock. Select and execute your order online, you can receive your purchase at home. Or, come and visit us in our outlets.

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