Be a Italgres distributor

How many the adventages you can enjoy about working with our products?

  1. We have the best italian brands about tiles (ULTRATHIN) : Cotto D’Este,Kerlite, AVA Ceramiche, Laminam & La Fabbrica.
  2. We have big sizes – Since 100×100 until 120x240cm.
  3. Our thickness are ultraSlim: 3mm,3,5mm,5mm.
  4. Our products have the BIO tecnology , the bacterium don’t remain on the surface .
  5. It’s possible to place the material on another already used, especially the ultrathin material because of it’s thickness.
  6. We have the prompt delivery system, the material will be sent to the buyer one day after the payment is made.
  7. The sqm prices may vary depending on the amount of material that tbe customer buys, the more sqm you buy, the cost of transportation and the products could be lower.
  8. If you arent convinced about the picture on our site web, you can receive the samples to your house by DHL.

How will be the delivery?

The material will be delivered in 5-7 days, one day after the payment is realized. the payment copy will be sending to the contact mail: