Lea Ceramiche Tiles prices & offers

Lea Ceramiche offers a wide range of high quality products, made with innovative and other performance ceramic materials. The numerous variations of Lea tiles integrate perfectly into any type of environment and living style.

Lea Ceramics are among the most popular cladding materials for designers and trend experts. In fact, they are products that arise from a meticulous stylistic and aesthetic research of materials, with particular attention to the high performance quality of the product. Furthermore, the remarkable versatility and simplicity of the installation make Lea products a modern and practical construction component for new homes, or for renovation works.

Each Lea ceramic stoneware product is characterized by the tightness and durability of the surfaces, which have a high degree of resistance to wear, abrasion and impact. Furthermore, Lea porcelain stoneware is characterized by simplicity in cleaning and sanitizing rooms, even in the presence of large surfaces.

Lea is a brand of Panariagroup, one of the most important Italian companies in the world, sector leader in the production of ceramic tiles in the luxury segment.

Lea Ceramiche tiles

Lea collections are available in different solutions, effects, colors and formats.

The Lea Ceramiche Wood effect line. From lighter shades, to brown and gray wood, with the characteristic natural grain of the wood and the practicality of porcelain stoneware. Available in slabs with different finishes, formats and thicknesses.
The Cliffstone, Concreto, Nextone and Waterfall lines. Indoor and outdoor natural stone effect tiles, available in different finishes, colors, formats and thicknesses.
In our online Lea catalog you can find numerous examples of applications and solutions for every stylistic and construction requirement.

Visit the products available on the Italgres website, you will find Lea Ceramiche outlet prices, with discounts up to -80% available in stock. Choose and buy online, you can receive your order at home. Or, come and visit us in our outlets.

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90x90 11mm Naturale 29.16 m²

 66,00-76%  16,00 + VAT

61×121 20mm Naturale 47.82 m²

 62,90-62%  23,90 + VAT

60x60 20mm Grip 25.2 m²

 79,00-75%  19,90 + VAT

60x60 10mm Grip 20.16 m²

 51,00-67%  16,90 + VAT

60x60 10mm Grip Second choice 113.76 m²

 79,00-79%  16,90 + VAT

60x60 20mm Grip 58.68 m²

 79,00-75%  19,90 + VAT

60x60 10mm Grip 109.44 m²

 51,00-67%  16,90 + VAT

20x120 10mm Naturale 49.68 m²

 62,90-73%  16,90 + VAT

30X120 10mm Naturale 215.28 m²

 62,90-73%  16,90 + VAT

30X120 20mm Naturale 43.2 m²

 85,00-72%  23,90 + VAT

20x120 10mm Naturale 291.6 m²

 62,90-73%  16,90 + VAT

30X120 10mm Naturale 167.4 m²

 62,90-73%  16,90 + VAT

60x60 10mm Grip 829.44 m²

 51,00-67%  16,90 + VAT

30×180 10mm Naturale 86.4 m²

 62,90-68%  19,90 + VAT