Kerlite Tiles Prices and Offers

Kerlite is a low environmental impact laminated porcelain stoneware, obtained through highly technological production processes. Kerlite products are reinforced with glass fiber, which allows to obtain large format slabs and ultra-thin thicknesses.

It is a very light, handy and versatile material, produced by one of the most important companies in the sector, Cotto D’este.

Kerlite Cotto D este is renowned for its large sizes and perfect flatness of the slabs. Qualities that make Kerlite tiles an indispensable element to finish an environment with style and elegance, thanks to the thin stoneware of the highest quality and resistance.

Among the merits of a Kerlite floor is the ease of cutting and installation, moreover Kerlite slabs are frost-resistant and easy to clean. The lightness of the material allows an ideal use for renovations, with the possibility of applying it on an existing floor, without weighing down the structure.

Kerlite is a product much loved by designers for its versatility. It is chosen for interventions of all kinds giving a refined and original touch. Among the characteristics of Kerlite slabs there is the possibility of almost completely canceling the joints, giving the idea of ​​a single, indistinct surface and the perception of a wider environment.

On our site you can find the Kerlite catalog, where there are several solutions available in many colors and finishes, including the highly popular Kerlite Wood Effect. As well as, various formats starting from 50 × 50cm up to Kerlite 300 × 100 cm and submultiples.

Kerlite Outlet tiles

In addition, the slabs are available in different thicknesses:

  • 3Plus. Kerlite slabs 3 mm thick, suitable for a light residential or commercial environment, for internal and external coating.
  • 5plus. Slabs with a thickness of 5.5 mm, ideal for an intensive, light and residential commercial environment, for internal and external coating.
  • 6plus. Slabs with a thickness of 6.5 mm, suitable for the same uses as the 5Plus version.

    Visit the products available on our site, you will find Kerlite outlet prices available in stock, and you can buy online with delivery to your home, or you can come and visit us in our outlets.

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100x300 5.5mm Silk 762 m²

 28,00 + VAT

100x100 5.5mm Silk 34 m²

 26,50 + VAT

50x150 5.5mm Naturale 9.75 m²

 26,50 + VAT

50X100 3.5mm Naturale 12 m²

 27,00 + VAT

50x50 3.5mm Naturale 155 m²

 25,00 + VAT

25×150 3.5mm Naturale 178.13 m²

 25,00 + VAT

20x150 5.5mm Naturale 809.06 m²

 24,00 + VAT

100x300 5.5mm 108 m²

 25,00 + VAT

50x50 3.5mm Naturale 33 m²

 24,00 + VAT

20x150 5.5mm Naturale 50.1 m²

 21,90 + VAT

100x100 5.5mm Glossy 154 m²

 23,50 + VAT

40x100 3mm Naturale 57 m²

 15,00 + VAT

100x300 7mm Naturale 138 m²

 25,00 + VAT

40x100 3mm Naturale 10 m²

 15,00 + VAT

100x300 5.5mm Naturale 9 m²

 25,00 + VAT